Bozeman No Man's Land Film Festival Bozeman No Man's Land Film Festival

Bozeman No Man's Land Film Festival

By Tanya Daniels

Bozeman No Man's Land Film Festival Bozeman No Man's Land Film Festival

On March 26, Mountain Girl hosted their 2nd annual screening of the No Man’s Land Film Festival featuring a series of all-women adventure films. The event was held at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture. People of all ages flocked to the Emerson for a night of films, comradery and fun.  

A vendor fair focusing on women owned businesses in the outdoor space kicked things off for the evening. Vendors were: Ride Force, Ranger Collective, Damsel Fly Fishing, Alpine Artistry, and Girl Get After It. Both Ride Force and Girl Get After It released their new spring lines at the film festival. There were also some community partners in attendance. Friends of Hyalite had maps of Hyalite on hand and volunteers to talk about recreating in Hyalite. Backcountry Squatters were there to recruit new members and spread the word about their upcoming events and activities. Broad Beta discussed their mission of getting women and genderqueer folks to share their stories of outdoor adventures including helpful gear, food and technical tips, and the emotional and physical challenges unique to women and genderqueer climbers, backcountry skiers and other outdoor activists.  The MSU American Institute of Chemical Engineers talked about their upcoming Climate Change Conference. Sidewall Pizza was all hands on deck serving up pizza and MAP Brewing Co. beers.

A raffle was held to benefit the Backcountry Squatters. Raffle prizes were baskets filled with items from the vendors and other outdoor focused businesses. Donors for raffle items were Alpine Artistry (ear rings and a purse), Apples & Anglers (OMG the famous Apples & Anglers cookies!), Montana Big Wick Candles (candles), Damsel Fly Fishing (snoods and a wader belt), Dee O Gee (a basket full of things any dog would love to win), Gaia (nalgenes, hats, and annual memberships), Girl Get After It (annual memberships plus other GGAI merch like hats, stickers, pins, and a banner), Karmik Outdoors (Decal Mix Packs), Kari Traa (3 tops for layering and staying cozy), MTN Straps (Bridger collar and leash set and a set of ski straps), North Fork Mapping (maps of Montana ski areas, YNP, and the Bridgers), Ranger Collective (fish block print and sticker packs), Ride Force (jerseys and hats), Sauce (headbands), Sun Wind Snow Care (2 skin care kits), UTTy (custom Mountain Girl UTTy's), Yellow Sally (tin coffee cups and sticker packs), and Mountain Girl (Mountain Girl merch like hats and shirts). The raffle raised $700 for the Backcountry Squatters scholarship program.

When it came time to view the films, we all gathered together in the theater. Some of the films were motivating featuring women who have overcome great obstacles to reach their goals of being outside in their way. One of the films was informative talking about sustainable agriculture and how it integrates with the outdoor industry. And some films highlighted women going out of their way to be a mentor or an educator to share their love of the outdoors with others. All of the films were inspirational in some way and left us all feeling like we need to get outside more. 

From the moment our vendors started filling the Emerson lobby, we knew it was going to be a special night. We’re so grateful to have had women from ages 8 to 80, backpackers, anglers, hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, pizza lovers and more fill the seats. Our mission of #allwomenoutside has never felt so real, especially after watching those films.

This event was sponsored by Mountain Girl, MAP Brewing Co. and Karmik Outdoors. Photos by Chloe Nostrant Photography.