Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mountain Girls Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mountain Girls

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mountain Girls

By Mountain Girl

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mountain Girls Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mountain Girls

Here are some last minute gift ideas for that “outdoorsy” girl in your life who just can’t spend enough time in the mountains or on the trail.  Few of these gift ideas would be considered sexy (ok none of them are sexy), but they are all items that she will appreciate and use.  Hopefully this list prevents you from giving that gift that will go in a drawer, unused, never to see the light of day again.

Kula Cloth

The Kula Cloth is a reusable pee cloth made with antimicrobial material.  The Kula has several colorful designs to choose from and several features like snaps for cleanliness and privacy on the trail, reflective thread to make it easier to find for those night time bathroom breaks, and a waterproof side to prevent wet hands.  The Kula Cloth meets Leave No Trace standards and helps prevent all that TP that is littering the wilderness. Trust me. If you squat when you pee, the Kula is a game changer!

  Photo provided by Kula Cloth

She Explores book

Filled with inspirational pictures and stories of unforgettable journeys taken by women.  Besides the personal narratives the book is filled with advice on preparing for a hike, packing an outdoor kitchen, and several other tips for women getting outside.  Available on Amazon.

Wool Socks

Quality, comfortable socks are an essential if you are spending any amount of time outside.  Wool socks keep your feet roasty, toasty while also wicking away any moisture created by all that outside activity which in turn prevents blisters.  My feet tend to be cold (even in June). I especially like Smartwool PhD Outdoor Socks but Darn Tough socks are highly recommended as well.

Hike 734 maps

The Hike 734 maps have become an indispensable tool when planning our outings to Yellowstone & Glacier.  A short description of each hike including the level of difficulty, trail steepness and the length of the hikes is included. These maps are water proof and the perfect size to fit in her backpack.  There are also maps for several other national parks including Zion, Teton, and Yosemite.   

Photo provided by Hike 734


Having a headlamp in your pack is an absolute essential.  Even if you are not on an overnight backcountry trip, we all lose track of time and before we know it, the sun is setting and there’s not enough daylight left to get back to the car. 

Dry bags

For all the stuff that starts out at the beginning of the trip dry and you want it to stay that way – clothes, food, phone - these bags are great.  They come in several different colors and sizes and are great for packing your stuff in a backpack or on a mountain bike.   


Super comfortable, easy to hang and great fun for hanging out with your gal pals.  Hammocks are versatile and can be used as a rain shelter, a picnic blanket, or just to lounge around in.  To top it off hammocks are super affordable, come in some awesome designs and colors and are small enough to fit into your backpack.  There are tons of accessories that go with hammocks – rain fly, mosquito net, hanging straps – which means you have even more gift ideas for those special occasions down the road.

Mountain Girl Caps & Apparel

Mountain Girl is a community for women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities taking to the outdoors, connecting with themselves and others through adventure and exploration.   You will find caps and apparel that the Mountain Girl in your life will love. Check us out at