Growing up on a ranch in Wyoming, the mountains have always been a refuge for me: A reward for a long, hot workday. A quiet place to breathe deeply and clear my head. A giant playground where I can have fun with my family and friends. A welcoming space to connect with myself and my purpose.


From my earliest memories of fishing quiet mountain meadows to exploring new trails and destinations throughout Big Sky country, my life has revolved around getting outside and enjoying nearby landscapes. As outdoor recreation grows as an industry, I want to make sure we’re not losing the point—that every single person has a right to enjoy nature in all its forms. I want to ditch the competition and grow the community. To remind women, specifically, of their right to participate in the outdoor scene in whatever way they feel called. 

The Mountain Girl community aims to create a space where all women feel seen, heard and appreciated. Where they’re celebrated for their unique contributions to the world instead of corralled into a particular category or intimidated out of their passions. After all, nature knows no boundaries. Why should we place them on ourselves?


Grab your backpack and let's go places!